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  • Arnlea is owned by CEO Allan Merritt and CFO Jeremy Lai. Find out more here.

  • Arnlea is the global leader in industrial mobile software products for tracking, inspection, and maintenance to the Energy industry. We are a tried and trusted partner for a number of global energy clients, with more than 25 years expertise in supply chain management and operational management activities, providing software solutions to the energy industry. Discover more here.

  • Arnlea is headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK and also has offices in Houston, TX, USA. Our customers are global operators and we have One software products on platforms and FPSOs worldwide, throughout Asia, North America, Central and South America, through the North Sea, and Africa.


  • Nexar is Arnlea’s cloud-based, field office support, SaaS-delivered software that can be configured by use and by user, to comprehensively manage data streams from across your business to enhance productivity, resources, efficiency, sustainability, reporting and decision-making, all to improve your bottom line.

  • Nexar can be configured to optimise hazardous area inspections and complies with all Ex-regulations, enabling inspectors to work three times faster and more accurately than with pen and paper. If you want to use Nexar with other inspection teams conducting PUWER, LOLER or other inspections, Nexar can be configured for those inspections and for different users. You can inspect any kind of equipment with our software and we provide ongoing support for these activities.

    Talk to our BD team to find out more.

  • When you access Nexar’s world-class dashboard and experience its UX/UI qualities and functionality, you’ll be able to use the Config tool to create the data fields you’re most interested in.

    You can create inspections for your inspectors’ mobile apps and they’ll only supply the data you need.

  • Nexar can also be configured for different field service management activities – from inspections, and maintenance, to inventory, materials management, and logistics control - talk to our BD team for more information. 

    Nexar can be configured per user. Your login dashboard can look different from your colleague’s dashboard because you both need slightly different data sets for your ongoing operations and management decisions. Arnlea’s BD team is available to help you navigate your choices and how you want Nexar to perform for your business.


  • We have a brochure to help you better understand our business and how we can meet your needs. Download it here.

  • We post regularly on LinkedIn and you can also connect with our team. Our corporate LinkedIn page is here

  • We post our vacancies on our LinkedIn page and welcome enquiries from highly skilled developers and those experienced in business development in the energy industry.

Enhance employee engagement

Our software is intuitive and easy-to-use for inspection and maintenance system, which improves employee engagement, productivity and accuracy.

Improve your reporting

Our software product makes recording data and reporting information substantively easier, error-free and efficient.

Field service management solved: