Meet Paul Goonan

Meet Paul Goonan!

For 5 years Paul has been part of the Arnlea team and has gone from strength to strength. Last year he moved to Houston, Texas with his young family to set up our Americas office and hasn’t looked back ever since.

A friendly face known to many, it is safe to say that from Aberdeen to Houston Paul makes a stamp wherever he goes.

To get to know Paul a little more, check out our interview with him below…

1. You joined Arnlea 5 years ago, how has your role changed over the years?

Five years later, it is safe to say I have grown with the company, both professionally and personally. Professionally, I have progressed into the role of Head of Business Development – Americas and have had the opportunity to set up our US entity and relocate my family across the pond. With that new role, comes a lot more responsibility and I love the challenge. Personally, I have learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of.

2. Now as our ‘Head of Business Development – Americas’ – can you describe a typical day?

In my role I wear a lot of different hats, so no two days are the same, but that’s exactly why I love my job! One minute, I could be talking to potential clients, the next I am talking to existing customers ensuring that everything is running smoothly. Previously, I looked after new business globally, and now the Americas is ‘my region’, I research areas of growth for Arnlea. I also liaise with our partners across the region to build strong relationships and find new opportunities.

3. Is there anything businesses in the UK could learn from companies in the US or vice versa?

To some degree, yes. I find doing business here a lot more laid back and personal, which has its pros and cons. I personally prefer this and could imagine UK companies benefiting from this approach.

4. How do you stay connected with your colleagues back in the UK?

With Technology these days, anyone is just a teams call or WhatsApp message away. I am lucky to travel back to the UK periodically and have had members of the team visit Houston too. I may or may not ask them to take over things I have been missing from the UK, but I always return the favour when I come to visit – American M&Ms being a popular request.

5. On a personal note, packing up your whole life and moving across the pond can’t be an easy adjustment, how did you find it?

Short-term pain for long-term gain! At times it was stressful, but all worth it. In hindsight, there probably were easier ways to do things, but it was a learning experience and I am grateful for the opportunity.

6. What’s been the best thing about living in the States?

There are so many, it would take me a while to list. But If I had to choose my top two, it would be meeting and befriending new people, not just from Texas but all over the world, and giving my children the opportunity to experience life abroad.

7. What’s been the worst?

At times, it feels like you’re starting life from scratch again, learning how a different country operates versus what you have only ever known has it challenges.

8. Other than your family, what else do you miss about Scotland?

A cool breeze when you’re feeling the heat and opening your windows to let some air in the house.

9. And finally, if you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

I’ve been fortunate enough in my roles to travel a lot of the world, the US has always held a special place in my heart, if I was to pick somewhere other than here, I would consider somewhere in Asia, like Kuala Lumper or Singapore!

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