Bluewater signs new contracts

The contracts feature Arnlea upgrades for software and hardware for improved hazardous area inspection asset management

[8 March 2022]
Arnlea Systems Ltd, global leader in industrial mobile software for tracking, inspection and maintenance for the energy industry, has announced that it has signed new three and five-year contracts with Bluewater, to upgrade its Ex asset management software and hardware for two of its FPSOs in the UK Continental Shelf.

Bluewater has been a customer of Arnlea’s for a number of years and the contracts are for two different FPSOs to deliver the latest Arnlea software, to accompany the upgraded hardware that Bluewater’s inspection teams are already using.

Bluewater is moving towards full digital transformation and Arnlea provides hazardous area asset management software, which is regularly updated, together with a commitment to ensure that Bluewater continues to use the most contemporary hardware to obtain key benefits the upgrades deliver.

Bluewater’s inspection teams use Android tablets from Arnlea that, in conjunction with the software, have evolved the inspection process for its operations by including a number of functional benefits that have enhanced asset management and inspection. These benefits include the ability to take and upload photographs of asset failures, and the creation of work orders via a PC application to the tablets while charging, to speed up communications between inspectors and supervisors.

Arnlea’s software, IntrinsixEX, provides standardised inspection and reporting to accelerate data interpreting, comparisons and understanding, which facilitates better management decision-making at all levels. It also enables clients a much faster turnaround of faulty and ineffective equipment because of its Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) platform and full IEC 60079 compliance.

Arnlea’s CEO Allan Merritt, said,

“It’s always rewarding when clients like Bluewater renew. We are finding that clients receive multiple benefits on renewal because they always have the most up-to-date hardware and software, with the latest UX/UI. Customer teams use the most recent phones and tablets in their personal lives, so it makes sense they perform their jobs with hardware and software products that confer similar advantages, making their working lives easier and more efficient. Job satisfaction and better decision-making, combined with higher levels of productivity are attractive outcomes for both clients and their employees, who are all working in ever more demanding commercial environments. I’m delighted that we will be taking this strong relationship forward for the foreseeable future.”


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