Green Drive Brings Double First US Wins For Arnlea

Arnlea signs its first two US contracts with TOTE Services in a brand new sector; a double first for the Houston-headquartered business

[9 Deccember 2020]
Arnlea Systems Inc, a subsidiary of Arnlea Systems Ltd, global leader in industrial mobile software for tracking, inspection and maintenance for the oil & gas industry, has signed its first two US contracts with TOTE Services LLC (“TOTE Services”), an affiliate of TOTE, LLC, in a brand new sector, through its partnership with SourceIEx, a double first for the Houston-headquartered business.

Arnlea specialises in the energy industry where clients deploying Intrinsix are experiencing multi-million-pound savings and payback of the system well within a year, whilst improving operational excellence, compliance, asset integrity, and reducing their OPEX.

TOTE, LLC’s family of companies includes leading transportation and logistics companies. TOTE Maritime Alaska, LLC, and TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, LLC bring unmatched reliability and service to their respective markets. TOTE Services, LLC offers crewing and technical services to meet the needs of commercial, privately owned, and U.S. Government vessels.

The US market is a clear strategic target for Arnlea, with International Business Development Manager Paul Goonan due to relocate there as soon as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. Yet this hasn’t prevented Arnlea from signing its first US contracts with TOTE Services, who operate the world’s first LNG-powered – Marlin Class – container ships. TOTE is in the process of converting to LNG a second class of vessels, Orcas Class and, as such, is now required by the US Coastguard to conduct regular Ex inspections. The installation dates will be in the Winter of 2020 and there’s no doubt the US market is prime for Arnlea as it looks forward to the next decade.

TOTE is in the process of converting its West Coast vessels from diesel to LNG in a bid to lower their carbon footprint and this brings with it a new responsibility to conduct IEC inspections. This is the first contract of its kind for Arnlea anywhere in the world, outside its core market of oil and gas, as well as the first two contracts in the US.

The IntrinsixEX software will be deployed on a fleet of five different vessels. The first contract is for two vessels and a barge (TOTE Puerto Rico) on the Atlantic Coast and the second is for two vessels on the Pacific Coast (TOTE Alaska). The contract has been signed as a direct result of Arnlea’s relationship with US-based Ex training and equipment supplier, SourceIEx, one of Arnlea’s first strategic partners in Houston.

IntrinsixEX plays a central role with industry regulations and IEC 60079 standards compliance, as part of the management of hazardous areas and equipment. It can also help to manage headcount and improve safety; and being cloud-based provides a number of strategic advantages for its clients, which has had greater resonance with clients since the Covid-19 pandemic. It deploys on handheld technology to provide visibility, accuracy and control of assets, helping to improve efficiency and reliability and, ultimately, extend the asset’s life. Integrating with SAP and IBM Maximo, improving management reporting and overall operational efficiencies IntrinsixEX also improves inspectors’ efficiency by an average of 150%, compared with pen and paper, boosting productivity, and creating a greater sense of ownership during a campaign.

Commenting on the appeal of Intrinsix for commercial ship management businesses, Allan Merritt, Arnlea’s CEO said,

“This opportunity is part of a greener solution that marine businesses, from commercial ship management to the cruise industry are seeking by converting from diesel to LNG fuel transmissions. TOTE is a pioneer in this respect, and we are delighted to be working with such a forward-thinking organisation and are looking forward to future opportunities together.”

Paul Goonan commented,

“As soon as it became clear that we were expanding the business Stateside, we began to foster closer ties with specialist equipment, software and service providers, to provide a broader and more attractive proposition to potential clients. This strategy is paying off, as this is a direct result of our relationship with US-based Ex training and equipment supplier, SourceIEx, who will be helping with the initial installation and first inspections.”

Bob Johnson, President, SourceIEx said

“We specialise in international partnerships and our relationship with Arnlea is both strategic and timely. The opportunities for cloud- based Ex inspection software in both the energy and maritime industries are immense, due to a shift towards digital transformation and a move to LNG fuels. We welcome Arnlea’s first US contracts with TOTE and see them as just the first of many to come.”

IntrinsixEX uses auto-ID mobile technology to increase compliance and decrease costs in Ex inspections and maintenance activities and is compliant with global IEC 60079 standards and ATEX directives, including the US Coastguard’s regulations for LNG fuel. IntrinsixEX materially improves operations across a host of different profit centres, include Finance, Deployment, Data & Reporting, User and HSEQ levels, and will continue to bring together a host of cost and productivity efficiencies for any business’s overall inspection operations.

Arnlea is a tried and trusted partner for a number of global oil & gas clients, with more than 25 years’ expertise in supply chain and operational management activities, providing software solutions to the energy industry.


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