Arnlea signs new three-year contract with Equinor

The contract includes access to the latest IntrinsixEX software and a range of tablets for their offshore inspection teams

[29 July 2021]
Arnlea Systems Ltd, global leader in industrial mobile software for tracking, inspection and maintenance for the energy industry, has announced that it has signed a new three-year contract with Equinor, to provide its Ex asset management software to Equinor’s Mariner field in the UK North Sea.

Equinor is a new customer for Arnlea and the contract includes access to the latest IntrinsixEX software and a range of tablets for their offshore inspection teams. Using tablets allows photographs and other images to be easily uploaded for reporting and comparison by inspection and other teams, improving efficiency and communication for all. In a recent webinar by leading inspection specialist Dron and Dickson, Bob Banks demonstrated that digital inspection software reduced inspection times by up to 50%; the average time saved was 22 minutes per item, against 55 minutes per item using pen and paper.

IntrinsixEX enables a quicker turnaround of faulty and ineffective equipment because of its Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) platform. IntrinsixEX enables clients full IEC 60079 compliance and provides standardised inspection and reporting processes to speed up data interpreting, comparisons, and understanding, which facilitates better management decision-making at all levels. It was also a requirement that Arnlea’s software would fully integrate with SAP to achieve additional financial, HSEQ, and operational advantages. This enables higher-level automated communications and delivers superior management reporting, ensuring that asset registration is kept up-to-date and is synchronised in real-time, with work orders generated in SAP, which significantly improves both the inspection team’s workload and the subsequent data collection.Allan Merritt, Arnlea’s CEO said,

“It is rewarding to secure a new contract with Equinor. Arnlea has a successful track record of working with major operators who are seeking highly functional, user-friendly, easy-to-manage digital software to meet their asset management challenges. This contract will also facilitate future innovation to meet Equinor’s ongoing and ever-challenging operational demands. I’m excited and really looking forward to developing our already strong relationship further.”


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