Meet Fiona Forsyth

Meet Fiona Forsyth!

Our bubbly Administrator is always on the go – whether that’s coordinating deliveries and shipments to organising the staff Christmas parties, it’s safe to say there is never a dull moment in the office for Fiona. Outside of work, her life is just as busy with two small children, a husband, and lots of friends and family to catch up with.

To get to know Fiona a little more and find out what life is like in a day of being our Administrator, read our interview below…

1. You’ve been with Arnlea for over three years now, what’s been your best moment so far?

I really enjoy my job and have had a lot of great moments in the last three years. Professionally it would be working with the team to get ourselves ISO27001 certified and socially it would be going to the Wreck-It rooms which was so much fun!

2. What’s been your biggest challenge whilst working at Arnlea?

Probably the biggest challenge was adjusting to working from home when lockdown first began. From a practical side coordinating deliveries and shipments took more planning, however everyone was very supportive and flexible.

3. Can you describe a typical day as our administrator?

I’ll try! It’s a busy role with no two days ever being the same. The plan for one day can change a lot depending on different department needs. After coffee and catching up on emails I’ll either be working at my desk or in the storeroom.

4. What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the variety that the role brings and the opportunity Arnlea have given me to get more involved in different areas such as our quality system and upcoming goals.

5. You always organize our fun team-building days out. What would be the dream place/activity to arrange if money was no object?

Our team-building days are always really good fun and a great chance to see everyone especially as we have different WFH/office schedules. If money and time were no object we would be down in London for a day of sightseeing followed by a show at night in the West End. I have always wanted to see the Lion King or Wicked.

6. And how about the ‘dream’ Staff Christmas party?

We haven’t had much luck over the past few years with our Christmas meals, whether it was covid cancelling our plans or not enjoying the food. My dream Christmas party would be somewhere with a delicious festive menu and relaxed atmosphere. Secret Santa is a must as well!

7. With a busy job and young children at home, how do you unwind?

Day to day I unwind mainly by watching a series or reading in the evening. I love catching up with friends and try to plan a meal or walk with them regularly. We often visit family in Inverness for a few nights and always come back feeling refreshed.

8. What’s one piece of advice you would pass down to your children if they were working in your role?

That’s a hard question, I think it would be working flexibility and being organised

9. And what’s one piece of advice you think your children would give you?

I got plenty of advise from them while we were home together during lockdown, one thing is for sure, its never too early for a snack!

10. Where is your favourite place in the world?

I travelled a lot during the summer while at university, its hard to choose a favourite place. Port Grimaud in the South of France is beautiful and somewhere I hope to visit again in the next few years with the kids.

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