Meet Megan Saxton!

Meet Megan Saxton!

Megan joined Arnlea in 2014, initially as a Project Technician before working her way up to Project Manager and now onto her new role as Support and Platform Manager.

For the last 8 years, Megan has gone from strength to strength and we’re not just talking about her working life, but about her personal life too, competing in Muay Thai.

To find out more about Megan’s journey with Arnlea and to get to know her a little more personally, read our interview below…
1. How long have you been with Arnlea?I have been with Arnlea for over 8 years now. Started as a project technician, to Project Manager and now to my new role as Support and Platform Manager. 

2. What do you like about working at Arnlea?Meeting customers from all over the world and speaking to various different people in different roles has to be a highlight. I also enjoy working with my colleagues who are all very supportive of each other and help one another when needed. It’s always good to have people you can have a laugh with too! 

3. How has your role changed over the years? I started out as a project technician, assisting project managers, logging hardware repairs, and a few various admin duties. To then be a Project manager, managing onboarding and deployment of our software. To now having worked my way up to my role now as Support and Platform Manager where I’ll be managing a support team. 

4. What’s been your biggest challenge whilst working at Arnlea?When covid hit, we went from full-time in the office to working at home full-time during lockdown. Although on occasion I have worked from home, adjusting to full time was quite tricky, I had a daily routine when I was in the office, and having to create one for when I was working from home was quite difficult and different. Also not seeing people in person was difficult, teams meetings just aren’t the same as in-person meetings to me. 

5. Tell us about your new role as our Support and Platform Manager?In a nutshell, I will be responsible for ensuring customers have an optimal experience using Arnlea’s product suite from point of go-live as well as being responsible for managing the upgrade releases of the software and data load of client data into the product databases. 

6. What new challenges will you face?Customers who have previously been on-premise will be moving onto our SaaS environment so there are likely to be support that arises from this transition which I’ll need to assist with. 

7. What are you looking forward to doing the most in your new role?Is it cheating to say all of it? Managing the upgrade releases of the software and assisting customers with their questions which will in turn help with expanding the knowledge base for our product suite. 

8. In your spare time what do you enjoy doing? I used to do Muay Thai and pretty much all of my time was spent doing that, however I stepped back from that a couple of years ago. Now, I spend my spare time, going to the gym (can’t give up all forms of exercise), studying a university degree and watching as many movies and TV shows as possible as I’m a big movie and TV show buff, so whether it be a trip to the cinema or a night in front of the TV, I’ll be watching a movie. 

9. What inspires you?This sounds cheesy but firstly, my parents inspire me, seeing how hard they worked all their lives and dealing with so many challenges make me feel like I can achieve anything and they’ve always believed in me. Secondly, change inspires me, the World is changing so fast and I’m fascinated by the quick evolution in technology, the new ideas that I read about every day, that inspires me to want to be part of that change. Although there are more women in the tech industry now than there has ever been, there is still room for more, I’d love for younger generations to look at people like me and know there is a place for them in this field, you never know, maybe they could be the next Ada Lovelace or Katherine Johnson. 

10. Where is your favourite place in the world?It has to be New York City. Ever since I was a child I wanted to go and finally in 2014 I got to go for New Year. I love that there is always something to see round every corner and just how alive the city is 24/7 and of course it being a prime location for movies, spotting all the different landmarks from famous movies is a joy for me!

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