Nexar: Enhancing Ex Inspections

Nexar uses auto-ID mobile technology to increase compliance and decrease costs in your Ex inspections and maintenance activities

Nexar, our cloud-based application that enables digital field and asset management, is a powerful tool for you and your business. Nexar works across a multitude of sectors, but today we are going to discuss in detail the benefits and values it brings to the oil & gas, LNG, and other energy businesses, as well as other sectors where electrical inspections are critical.

Nexar, uses auto-ID mobile technology to increase compliance and decrease costs in your Ex inspections and maintenance activities. Compliant with IEC 60079 standards and ATEX directives, its benefits can be usefully divided into financial, deployment, user, and HSEQ themes to fully appreciate the value Nexar brings to each partner business that uses it.


Health & Safety are key drivers for any business, none more so than in our industry. By deploying Nexar, and using it as expected, you’re already ensuring that you or your own client is inspecting hazardous equipment, anything subject to ATEX regulations, in the correct manner.

Nexar supports your own HSEQ protocols and ensures that you properly adhere to ATEX because that is how it’s been designed. This also ensures you’re conducting Ex inspections as safely as possible. Nexar integrates easily with SAP and Maximo, so it will create inspection reports, management information, and an audit trail for any single inspector or piece of equipment. This gives you additional Health & Safety reporting, as required.


Nexar, has been designed with the end user in mind. Working on Windows, iOS or Android devices, the latest versions operate via a user-friendly interface, that has been designed with the user experience in mind. This makes training on the software straightforward. It also creates a sense of familiarity with the software quickly and easily, freeing up your inspection team to carry out Ex inspections quickly and easily, in a productive, open frame of mind. Typically, their efficiency improves 150%. Tasks are easy to assign and complete, brining more interest to the role and higher job satisfaction, factors that are known to contribute to your employees’ commitment to your business and health and wellbeing.


Nexar allows more inspections to be performed more quickly, which means you can reduce the number of inspectors you need offshore at any time. This brings additional financial and HSEQ benefits. Reducing the number of overall people offshore improves health & safety as well as improving the use of both resources and budget.


The investment in Nexar improves operational efficiency at all levels of the EX inspection process. Each inspection period is reduced by up to 50% as a direct result of Arnlea’s in-built Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) strategy. This means your people can be used for other areas of responsibility, bringing additional cost savings offshore. Equipment is maintained or repaired much more quickly than otherwise, allowing for fewer faults to develop. With a single central location for all data-inputting and recording, teams of people can access that data rapidly. Reporting is uniform and consistent and ultimately that leads to enhanced operation decision-making that assists with driving more value into the business and the reduction of costs.

If we were to summarise the benefits of Nexar to any oil and gas operator or their partners, it has to come down to its ability to deliver greater safety and lower costs for the asset where its deployed. As the Ex inspection software of choice in the North Sea, we work closely with all our clients to create bespoke solutions that suit each particular client’s own requirements.

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