Partner Interview: Source IEx

We pride ourselves on being a collaborative business and work with partners worldwide who share the same ethos and values as us. By working closely with our partners, we build and maintain relationships and support our clients to ensure they receive the best possible experience when using our software, One.

To give you a better insight into the work that we do with our partners, we caught up with Bob Johnson, Allen Moser, and Wayne Mayo of Source IEx, one of our trusted partners in America who specialize in Ex Equipment and Services, to find out what it’s like to partner with us…

1. Firstly, how did the partnership come about?

[Bob] When Paul explained that One is Cloud-based, in our mind partnering with Arnlea was a no-brainer. Not only was this a massive opportunity for us, but for our clients too, as on-premises- servers are dated and expensive. Thankfully, when we reached out to Arnlea to work together, they said yes!

[Wayne] Paul Goonan (Arnlea’s Head of Business Development – Americas) came to visit us in Houston to demo One and having worked in the Hazardous industry for over 16 years, seeing software that would help solve a lot of problems and challenges for our clients, really was like the ‘holy grail.’ It’s been four years, and we haven’t looked back since!

2. Tell us about the work you do with Arnlea…

[Wayne] Our first official scope of work together was with our client, Tote Services, where we brought in Arnlea’s software to help digitalize their working and enhance their operations!

[Allen] We look at our client’s needs and challenges and offer the software as a solution. We then work with Arnlea to seamlessly integrate the software into their corporate ecosystem and provide training for teams who will use it. Like Arnlea, customer care is essential to us, which is why our partnership works so well.

3. What are the benefits of working in partnership with Arnlea?

[Bob] The flexibility of the software and the Arnlea team is exceptionally responsive if any issues arise.

[Allen] Arnlea provides a unique application that solves a particular issue that is not specific to one industry or setting. So, as our client base expands, we have no problem selling Arnlea’s software to them too.

[Wayne] Going forward, we will be pushing the software with our LNG and marine clients: their knowledge of hazardous inspections is somewhat limited. Arnlea’s software helps solve the issue by allowing them to remain compliant and, most importantly, safe!

4. Why would you recommend Arnlea’s software to your customers?

[Bob] Yes! Based on making the Inspection process very smooth and the price, it’s very cost-effective.

[Allen] The software integrates seamlessly into our client’s existing software. Most importantly, it captures and analyses data instantly, which is extremely important as it allows ‘real-time’ efficient decisions to be made. It’s also easy to use, which is a big bonus as often software like this isn’t so user-friendly.

5. Do you think the software meets all your customer’s needs?

[Wayne] Yes, and the friendly team at Arnlea is always on hand to provide support and training!

6. What makes Arnlea’s software stand out from the rest?

[Wayne] Price, visibility of data, and its configurability to integrate into SAP systems (Which 99.9% of our clients use).

[Allen] It’s got to be its modularity into SAP systems and cloud-based data-storing. Times have changed, and using pen & paper and storing data in on-premises servers is so dated now; good job Arnlea’s software can solve these issues!

7. Is our joint offering a compelling position?

[Bob] Most definitely!

[Wayne] Yes, absolutely!

8. Describe your partnership with Arnlea in one word.

[Bob] Exciting!

[Wayne] Value-added!

[Allen] Growing!

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