No business is the same. So why should your software training?

In the Energy industry and in any industry for that matter, businesses share common goals and practices, but how businesses operate and how their people work are entirely different. So, when it comes to training teams on new software, a company’s culture and operations can play a significant factor in its effectiveness.

Arnlea’s software, Nexar, connects data from the field to the office in real-time and has been designed to be user-friendly, so no matter who is using Nexar, whether an inspector in the field or Operations Director in the office, anyone can use it without a fuss.

Most of our clients operate in high-risk environments and to ensure their safety as well as proper business etiquette, our software is not just ‘simply’ handed over. Our team has an extensive track record of delivering customised training and ongoing support to our clients by recognising that a ‘one size fits all approach’ does not work.

Firstly, before any training commences, we configure the system in advance and populate any fields that suit your business processes. We then understand how your business operates: Are people offshore? Are people working from home? Are they in different countries? We can then tailor a training program that accommodates your operational and staffing needs. Our training can be delivered online or offline, onshore or offshore. We have even delivered training on Vessels just off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida, or in remote installations in the middle of Oman. Taking our client’s teams into consideration, we understand who is going to be using what and when. If they are simply app users or complete system users, our experienced team caters to and delivers training accordingly to a time scale that suits your workforce.

Software providers often fail to consider post ‘go-live’ operations and neglect communications, leaving their clients disgruntled with instruction manuals the size of the old yellow pages in case something ever goes wrong. But not at Arnlea. We ensure users feel continuously supported and our service does not stop just because a an invoice has been paid. We have a dedicated support portal that allows users to log tickets with questions they may have and their ticket will be assigned a dedicated support team member to assist in their queries. The portal also consists of a continuously updated knowledge bank containing user guide videos and “how to” documents which the user can refer to at any time.

As Nexar evolves it is important for our customers to understand the latest new features coming to Nexar. New feature release emails are sent out to Nexar customers which contain release notes with information on the new functionality that will be available in the upcoming release.

Arnlea is fully committed to delivering quality every time, and by taking our flexible, tailored approach, our clients can have their teams trained in a cost-effective, efficient manner that sees no time being wasted on irrelevant information or surprising costs when a team needs to be re-trained. Not to mention, providing an online hub of continuously updated learning materials ensures information is readily available at the touch of a button anytime, anywhere in the world.

Client testimonials

“The trainers were magnificent, they know Nexar like the back of their hand and could pre-empt any challenges we might face by knowing our business and the industry we serve inside out. The team understands exactly why we are using the software and what we are hoping to achieve, which made the learning process smooth and to the point.”

“We took a hybrid approach to our training, with our onshore and offshore teams being trained online at the same, and found the delivery of the training first-class. The team ensured we got the most out of our training and were more than happy to cater to each user’s requirements. Although we are all experts now, the online portal gives us peace of mind that help is there straightaway if required.”

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